Isra-Juk Electronics Ltd. | Avionic Market
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Avionic Market

Special need for the avionic market:
Detection of electrical fires in aircrafts is incredibly important due to:

  • The limited capability of handling electrical fires during flight and
  • The hazard that such problems set to the whole flight and
  • The unavailability of external help (like firemen) during flight

Smell of an electrical fire during flight generally leads to unscheduled landings.


Available / planned products for that market:
For the aviation market we intend to co-operate with manufacturers of aircrafts to deploy our developments.


How will these products be used?

  • During flight: the flight team will be notified about formation of electrical fires in the electrical system of the aircraft.
  • During maintenance: professional team can use our developments as part of the maintenance of aircrafts.

Competitive Info
No information available to Isra-Juk Electronics regarding competitive products.


Benefits from using our developments:

  • Real-time detection of electrical-faults that are not detected by existing electricity-monitoring equipment.
  • Notification about the formation of an electrical fire in the aircraft – when there is still time to land safely.