Isra-Juk Electronics Ltd. | General Information
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General information

The technologies developed by Isra-Juk Electronics address the issues of insufficient electrical safety that existing electrical protection devices provide.


Our technology introduces a different approach to electricity monitoring. This approach enables detection of electrical faults that existing electrical protection devices and methods cannot detect and therefore cannot prevent. This is because existing electrical protection devices are not aware of the formation of some electrical problems.


Many electrical fires develop gradually. A loose connection may cause a small temperature increase for a long time before it becomes a fire hazard. In such a case, people may smell an electrical fire from time to time without being able to locate it.


In many cases, the fire hazards develop slowly and gradually, but turn into an actual fire at a very short time after the temperature of the faulty point in the electrical system reaches the ignition threshold. In a typical case, the warming of the loose connection causes the insulation of the wiring to heat and generate smell of an electrical fire. When a smell of an electrical fire is detected i.e. the source of the smell is the wiring insulation that is heated. This occurs before the insulation melts.


When the insulation starts melting due to the heat of the loose connection, arcing may occur. The arcing will begin before the electrical wires touch each other.


Circuit breakers are designed to trip when short circuiting is present as the wires physically touch each other. This is why an AFCI will detect an electrical problem before a circuit breaker will detect it.

Smoke detectors are designed to detect the fire only after the fire ignites.


The electricity monitoring developments introduced by Isra-Juk aim to enable detection of the electrical problem long before it becomes a real fire hazard. The time advantage of Isra-Juk’s developments is shown in the diagram above.


Some of Isra-Juk’s electricity-monitoring developments are already patented worldwide. US7282921 is one of Isra-Juk’s granted patents. Other developments are patent-pending.