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Professional Electricians Market

Available / planned products for that market:
Systems for inspecting an electrical circuit as part of preventive maintenance or as part of corrective maintenance. The systems will be composed of wall outlet plugin sockets that will measure and analyze the voltage and current of the electrical distribution system. The plugin sockets will be connected with one another through powerline and / or RF communication media. The measurements will be analyzed by the plugin units, and, possibly by a central unit.


Availability status:
Planned product, not available yet.


How will these products be used?
Possible scenario: An electrician installs the system at an electrical facility and sets the inspection system run for hours, days or weeks to detect electrical faults.

Competitive Info
The SureTest circuit analyzers from the Canadian firm Ideal Industries loads a wall outlet with a known, resistive load for a short period (less than a second) and checks the voltage at the outlet with and without that load.


But this instrument is not enabling continuous measurement of the voltage drop on the line with real appliance loads. The voltage drop values for inductive or reactive loads may differ significantly from the values for resistive loads on the same line.


Benefits from using our developments:

  • Ability to detect electrical faults that are not detectable by existing electrical inspection equipment.
  • Ability to monitor an electrical system for long times of hours, days and weeks that are not applicable for human electricians. This is important for detecting intermittent electrical problems.