Isra-Juk Electronics Ltd. | Industrial IoT Market
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Industrial IoT Market

Available / planned products for that market:

  • Off-the-shelf Modules
  • Custom Modules


Availability status:
Planned product, not available yet.


How will these products be used?
Modules will be installed inside industrial machines and home appliances. The modules will use machine communication to notify measurements, status indications and electrical problems to users and to central control units. The central control units will monitor and analyze this information in order to detect electrical problems that were not detected by the modules in the electrical units.

Competitive Info
No information available to Isra-Juk Electronics regarding competitive products.


Benefits from using our developments:

  • For industrial machines: reduce unscheduled down-times of industrial machines due to electricity faults, improve electrical safety
  • For home appliances: improve electrical safety.