Isra-Juk Electronics Ltd. | Power-Monitoring ICs Market
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Power-Monitoring ICs Market

Available / planned products for that market:
Isra-Juk offers a technology independent VHDL block that performs voltage drop measurements and power line discontinuities detection.


Availability status:
The block is already available and was lab tested using a Xilinx® evaluation board. Simulation Test-benches are also available.

    How will these products be used?
This block can be seamlessly integrated into ICs that measure voltage and current on an AC line. Inclusion of this block in AC measurement ICs will enable these ICs to provide information that can help in detecting electrical faults.

Competitive Info
No information available to Isra-Juk Electronics regarding competitive products.


Benefits from using our developments:
Powerline monitoring ICs will provide data about faults in the AC powerline. This data, when properly used will improve electrical-safety. ‘Xilinx’ is a registered trademark of Xilinx, Inc.