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Embedded-Electrician™ voltage drop & discontinuity metering IP

The Embedded-Electrician™ is a digital IP block that can detect electrical fault conditions not detectable by existing electricity monitoring equipment.


The block collects voltage and current measurements close to an electrical load or even embedded inside the electrical load. By analyzing the measurements, the Embedded Electrician™ can generate indications of faults in the electrical system. Initial release of the Embedded Electrician™ block computes the voltage-drop (=I2R-losses) on the electrical wiring and detects discontinuities over the AC power supply when the line is not loaded.


Some electrical faults can be immediately detected by a standalone Embedded-Electrician™. Many other faults can be detected by analyzing voltage and current indications from several measurement-points. Analysis over long time periods of days, months and years – using Big-Data techniques – enables detection of slowly-developing electrical faults. The software that does this analysis is called “Automatic-Electrician”™.


This innovative development integrates with the trends of IoT, industrial-IoT and Big-Data analysis. Usage of this block can enhance preventive and corrective electrical maintenance and also help in improving the efficiency of electrical distribution networks by enabling detection of energy-waste that occurs on the electrical wiring of a facility.

embedded electrician

The diagram above depicts the block diagram of the Embedded-Electrician™ IP core.


The worldwide patented Embedded-Electrician™ IP is now available as a VHDL design.


To license this block please contact Isra-Juk Electronics.


The data-sheet of this IP is available here: