Isra-Juk Electronics Ltd. | Existing Problems
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A look at electrical fire statistics raises several questions:

Why are many electrical fires not prevented with the use of circuit-breakers and AFCI’s ?
Why is it that in a modern home, electrical fires still ignite ?
Why is locating the source of a smell of an electrical fire is sometimes impossible to find ?
Are there electrical faults that existing electrical safety equipment cannot be aware of ?
Can we find ways to have indicators of electrical faults hours, days or weeks before they actually ignite an electrical fire ?
Can we use IoT technologies for improving electrical fire safety ?
Can we use Big Data Analytics for better electrical fire safety ?
Do we have to change our thinking about electrical fires ?


Each of these questions calls for development in the use of modern technologies to help solve them. Isra-Juk Electronics Ltd. is introducing such developments to the market.